Meet The LTN Team


Stephanie Biegel, CEO


After years in the Hospitality industry, and as a busy mom to two toddlers, I was looking for a career change that allowed me to continue with an industry that I absolutely adored, but still stay home and dedicated to my children. I decided to make the switch over to Travel in 2017.

I knew there was more out there in the world to experience, and I wanted to help others see that. When first starting out, I had a great sales and marketing background, as well as my hospitality training in my back pocket. But when it came to the travel industry, I was left on my own to figure it all out. Because of that, my travel business quickly turned in to an expensive hobby. There was a lack of direction and training, especially as new or up and coming agents.

I knew there was a serious gap in the industry. I never wanted anyone to become an accidental hobbyist on my watch! Once I learned the ins and outs of the industry and all the nuances that come with changing up your usual operations and marketing, my business skyrocketed to unbelievable levels.

My goal with Lotus Travel Network is to create a family of agents, old and new, a develop a strong support system for anyone that simply needs the help. We all learn differently, and need different things for our businesses. That passion for teaching others to build, grow and skyrocket their travel businesses is how Lotus Travel Network was born.

My love for travel stems from my love for exploration. I try my hardest to find something new around every corner - find purpose in every turn. That philosophy is so much stronger now with the creation of Lotus Travel Network. I want to help you find your passion. I want to help you find purpose in every corner of your business. And I want to help you explore and navigate the world of entrepreneurship - knowing that you have a support system here that always has your back.

Scott Wismont - Strategic Relationship Manager


I have had a passion for travel since my first summer's road trip with my grandparents to see family in Las Vegas. We traveled across the country in a late 80's model station wagon, stopping at all the tourist traps along I80 as we made our way from Omaha to the city that never sleeps. That's when I knew that the journey was just as important as the destination.

Fast forward a few decades to 2015, and I found myself with an opportunity to help others find the passion for travel. My attention to detail has helped my clients experience the awe of new destinations and the enjoyment of well-beaten paths.

I joined Lotus Travel Network because of the shared passion that both Stephanie and Joanne have for travel and helping others succeed in the industry. This shared passion drives every member of LTN to provide the best memories to our clients and form enriching relationships with our vendors.

I specialize in LGBTQ+ travel and operate under the brand Rainbow Getaways. This specialization encompasses travel across the globe to LGBTQ+ friendly destinations where we can be ourselves without fear.


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